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Dvds & CDs

Abdominal Strengthening DVD $12.95
YBR Abdominal Strengthening Routines on DVD. No more crunches! YBR will strengthen your abs without tightening and shortening these muscles. We promise you not just longer, stronger abs but a longer, leaner torso, too. Meanwhile, you’ll develop greater core strength and your belly will flatten in the most wonderful way!

YBR ABDOMINAL STRENGTHENING DVD is our beginning work for understanding how to work your abdominal muscles correctly. We help you to build long strong abdominal muscles and teach you how to connect your abdominal muscles to your spine to help build a strong lower back.

Abdominal Strengthening
Leg Routine DVD $24.95
YBR Leg Routines on DVD. Create longer, leaner, freer-moving legs, while preventing injuries. The YBR leg routines will free up your stride, loosen your hips, roll away cellulite, and give you strong, well-defined leg muscles. Great for runners, cyclists, dancers and everyone whose feet hit the pavement every day. 

YBR Leg DVD teaches you how to work your hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors and Ilio-tibial band. Freeing all the muscles of your thighs and bringing balance between them you will experience a freedom of movement as your legs move out from the hips. This is a must for runners, dancers, cyclists, and for everyone who wants to keep their thigh muscles toned, aligned, long and lean. People often describe these routines as a way to iron out the legs and cellulite. We don’t like to make claims like this, but it’s OK if others swear by it. As you weight bear and roll through your thighs, you can actually iron out the muscles and break up congestion. If you find these results to be real in your body, please keep us posted. We love to hear about every success story. 

Leg Routine
Sideline DVD $24.95
YBR Sideline Routine on DVD. This powerful routine offers the most dramatic results of all the YBR work. It lengthens and tones both the back and front of the torso at once and is also fabulous for liberating your shoulders and neck. Feel your breath penetrate parts of your torso that you never thought it could reach; increase flexibility; lose inches around your middle; and even grow taller!
Total Body Rolling Beginner DVD $24.95

This kit is highly recommended as the place to start. It covers the hamstrings, each side of the spine up into the neck, and scull, and covers the abdominal area, chest, and shoulders from the front.
This gives you a good foundation in YBR and is a great general workout for keeping the body well aligned, toned, flexible, and with high quality range of motion. 


Total Body 2014 DVD $24.95

A whole-body workout. This 57-minute experience works your hamstrings, back, neck, abdomen, and chest. You’ll stretch, tone, and realign your entire body, improve your posture, relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain, and release tightness and tension that restrict your movement. You’ll grow visibly longer, leaner, and sleeker from the very first session!

Total Body 2014 DVD

Save Your Knees DVD $24.95  or Kit $99.00

The knees are one of the most challenging joints in the body to care for. This routine will help keep your knees healthy and strong, so they can last a lifetime.  
Available as a Kit or DVD. The Kit includes Save Your Knees DVD, Yamuna Black and Silver Balls and a pump.
Save Your Knees DVD
Save Your Hips DVD $24.95 or Kit $70.50

Save Your Hips offers a very deep workout to improve flexibility and range of motion in your hips.  This workout reaches deep into your hip joints, accessing tight and worn out areas you might not be aware of, while also freeing your hips of restriction. The hips are one of the most used and troubling joints in the body, bringing tightness and stiffness with age. It doesn’t have to be that way- integrating this routine into your life will help to prevent the breakdown of the hip joint and keep your hips healthy for years to come.  Keep this routine in your library of self-care tools for those unexpected moments of stiffness.

Available as both a DVD and a Kit. The Kit includes Save your Hips DVD, Black Balls and Pump.

Save your Hips

Save Your Shoulders DVD $24.95 or Kit for $92.50

Your shoulders joint connects your hands and arms to your head, neck and torso, making it one of the most used and injury prone parts of the body.You will learn techniques to care for you shoulders and keep them aligned, tension free and flexible so you can keep them free of injury. This routine is also recommended to rejuvenate your shoulders if you are recovering from an injury. With these exercises you can realign, free restrictions and heal your shoulders. 

Available as a kit or DVD. The Kit contains Save Your Shoulders DVD, Black Balls, Gold Ball and pump. 
Save your Shoulders

Save Your Hands And Wrists DVD $24.95 or kit $121.50

With all the technology we have at our fingertips, we are repetitively stressing our hands and wrists on a daily basis. It is important to give your hands some time to unwind at the end of the day. This routine will give you the tools and techniques to increase flexibility, strengthen, tone and improve alignment of your hands and wrists. Caring for your hands can help in preventing carpal tunnel and other conditions that cause pain and tension in wrists and hands.

Available as a Kit or DVD. Kit Contains Save Your Hands and Wrists DVD, hand wakers, black balls and pump. 

Save your Hands and Wrists

YBR Pregnancy DVD $24.95 or kit $95.95

Yamuna Pregnancy is a must for all pregnant women who wish to keep their body in shape throughout their pregnancy. Combining breathing techniques and YBR, the workout is relaxing while simultaneously toning and aligning the body. Focusing on the sideline, the back and the thighs, the work does not interfere with a growing belly and creates more space for baby.

Available as both a kit and DVD. The Kit contains YBR Pregnancy DVD, Black Balls, Gold Ball and pump. 

YBR Pregnancy DVD

Yamuna Yoga Backward Bending $24.95

This instructional video features Yamuna guiding you through the classic backward bending asana while teaching you the Yamuna® method.  The video begins with foundational principles starting from your feet up through the front of the body. It continues with a set of classic backward bending asana poses taught with the support of the Yamuna® balls to protect the lower back from strain and enhance the benefits of each pose.

Yamuna teaches you how to approach yoga practice with the support of Yamuna® balls to easily master your poses and enhance the benefits of your work, while preventing common injuries. 

Yamuna Yoga Backward Bending

Power of Breath DVD $24.95

Yamuna combines the Breath of Fire and Yamuna Body Rolling to create a powerful practice that helps you to build a stronger, more flexible, well aligned structure from the inside out. Through the power of inhalation and exhalation, you will learn to expand and support your body’s structure, release tension, and build inner strength and a solid core. By directing your breath, you will be able free restrictions in the body.
Available as a kit or DVD. This Kit comes with Yamuna Save your Breath DVD, gold ball and pump.

Foot Fitness  (Foot Wakers) DVD $24.95

Yamuna believes that our feet are the foundation of the body and that Yamuna Foot Fitness is essential for everyone at any fitness level. Strengthen your feet and you will strengthen your whole body. This program gives you simple proactive tools and solutions that can help you alleviate pain and prevent it. Yamuna recommends that you start with the foot wakers to increase flexibility, range of motion and alignment. Once your feet are working correctly, they only require 5-10 minutes daily to keep them happy and healthy.
Foot wakers

Foot Savers DVD $24.95

Once you can easily do the Foot Waker routines, graduate to Foot Savers. These plastic half-spheres, smaller and harder than Foot Wakers, are an intense, powerful tool for improving foot function and preventing your feet from restricting you at any time of life. Foot Savers actually re-educate feet. They improve gait, alignment, and muscle tone, stimulate reflexology points, strengthen arches, increase range of motion, and stimulate and elongate the muscles of the calves, thighs, hips, and lower back.

Working intensively with Foot Savers, you can rehabilitate foot problems and literally work your body all the way to your head. 

In this video, Yamuna presents new routines for rebuilding your feet, focusing on stimulation and alignment of the bones of the feet and increasing strength. Specific exercises include:

Working your heels in order to create a stronger foundation for forward thrusting movement.
Rebuilding your foot alignment and arches, bone by bone.
Strengthening each toe in order to increase the strength and flexibility of your feet and legs.
Activating and lifting the ball of the foot.

The following product is used in this video: Yamuna® Foot Savers


The Original Back CD $10.00


These videos are only intended for use with Yamuna products.

Please consult your healthcare professional before starting this or any exercise program.

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